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All of the courses have a prevention focus, an approach that receives less attention than treatment in many psychology doctoral programs. The courses will enhance the core skills learned in doctoral programs by focusing on the prevention of negative psychological and social outcomes. The courses will cover well-established principles and practices generated by prevention science. They will cover behavioral and mental health approaches that are backed by the extant literature from clinical and developmental psychology, neuroscience, education, social work, law, and policy. Our objectives are to enable psychologists to have a greater impact on healthy development and well-being across domains (individuals, families, schools, and neighborhoods) in multiple service delivery organizations, including healthcare, youth development organizations, criminal and juvenile justice settings, and governmental agencies. If you are experiencing great financial hardship and believe one of our courses will help you meet our objectives, you may contact us before purchasing so we can discuss discounted options.

In an effort to advance our goal of supporting the implementation, scaling, and sustainability of practices, programs and policies that are supported by an established evidence-base, we will provide continuing education courses that assist learners in achieving at least one of the following goals:

  • Ability to describe the benefits of utilizing the most contemporary evidence-based practices, policies and programs in preventing physical, psychological and social harm and promoting healthy development across multiple areas of functioning.

  • Ability to identify risk and protective factors related to healthy development and functioning as established by peer reviewed empirical research.

  • Ability to recognize and evaluate evidence-based approaches to the prevention of physical, psychological and social harm and the promotion of healthy development that are supported by rigorous research.

  • Ability to apply the skills and practices necessary to implement high-quality, evidence-based prevention practices, policies or programs.

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The National Prevention Science Coalition to Improve Lives is approved by the American Psychological Association to sponsor continuing education for psychologists. The National Prevention Science Coalition to Improve Lives maintains responsibility for this program and its content.